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добавлено 22.09.2015

Внимание! Открытие Международного Детского Андрологического Центра в Казахстане г. Алматы (г. Алма-Ата)!!!

Внимание! Открытие Международного Детского Андрологического Центра в Казахстане г. Алматы (г. Алма-Ата)!!!

добавлено 03.05.2015

VI всемирный конгресс по гипоспадии и нарушениями развития пола World Congress on Hypospadias and Disorders of Sex Development пройдет в Seligenstadt (Франкфурт), Германия 22-го по 24 июня 2015

ISHID 2015 Hypospadias Workshop

22nd-24th June, 2015

Welcome from the local organising committee.
We would like to welcome you to the 6th ISHID Hypospadias workshop in Germany in June 22-24th, 2015. One major aim of the ISHID 15 Hypospadias workshop is to provide the participants with state of the art in the management of hypospadias (operative techniques, complications, chordee, long term follow up). Another major aim is to go back to the basics and upgrade our understanding about the development of the urethra, pathogenesis of hypospadias and chordee, the urethral plate, torsion..etc. There are several inaccurate information in the classic teaching which play an important role in the outcome of hypospadias surgery. A third major goal is social. We aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for the participants from all over the world to get to know each other personally and to learn from each other experience. As we all know, we usually learn outside the lecture halls much more than from the official lectures and formal presentations.
Seligenstadt (the venue of the workshop) is a beautiful old town back from the Roman time. The word “Seligenstadt” (which means the “holy city") has a dual religious and romantic meaning. Religiously, Seligenstadt is the “City of Angels”because the bones of Saints Peter and Marcellinus are buried in Seligenstadt Basilica (about 826 AC). The romantic name is believed to originate when Kaiser Karl the Great found his daughter “Emma” after many years of search and said “Holy is the city where I found my daughter”.
In 2015, Seligenstadt celebrates 1200 years since its foundation in 815 as a present from Kaiser Karl the Great. There will be many carnivals and festivals that shows the beautiful, romantic and old German traditions and culture.
We look forward to welcoming you all in Seligenstadt in June 2015 and to a very successful meeting from the scientific, social and cultural aspects,

добавлено 13.04.2015

Мастер-класс по реконструктивной хирургии в детской урологии для врачей

23 апреля 2015
Москва, 2-й Тверской-Ямской пер., д. 10, ОАО «Медицина»

ОАО «Медицина» совместно с Международной Школой по детской урологии и андрологии приглашает Вас посетить Мастер-класс по реконструктивной хирургии в детской урологии c участием заведующего отделением детской хирургии Emma Klinik (Hypospadias Centre, Germany) г-на Аhmed T. Hadidi (Хадиди) и заведующего отделением детской урологии-андрологии ГБОУ ВПО "РНИМУ имени Н.И.Пирогова" профессора, к.м.н. Матара Асаада Ахмадович.

добавлено 07.02.2015



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